Life Is A Stage



Life Is A Stage is a faintly nightmarish tale about an insurance broker who suddenly finds himself standing on a bare stage facing an audience. At first he panics and runs.

Unable to find a way out, he is inexplicably joined by an ambiguous host who’s motives seem unclear. His only advice is to tell the audience about himself, but as the guest starts to rattle off a series of achievements the audience descends into an irate, jeering fury.

The Guest’s only chance to save himself is to figure out what the Host’s cryptic hints mean, and give the audience the performance they want to see.


Production Company:   Ephemeral Short Film Co.
Year: 2013
Genre: Comedy, Short
Running Time: 9 min 30 sec
Rating: Unrated
Language: None
Picture: Colour
Aspect Ratio: 1.78 : 1
Sound: Stereo
Camera and Lenses: Canon EOS 550D
Pentax Prime Lenses
Format: H.264 (1080p/25) (Source)
Apple ProRes (1080p/25) (Master)
Delivery Format: HD Video (H.264, 1080p/25)
Locations: Trinity Theatre, Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Country: England, UK